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Shri Pavitrananda Brahmachari was born in Bhopal in the state of Madhya Pradesh in1966 and completed graduation in Electrical Engineering (B.E Electrilcal) from National Institute of technology Bhopal in 1987 and joined an Engineering firm in Calcutta in 1987 and worked for less than one year.

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History of Gangnath Ashram

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The great sage Markandeya tells Yudhisthira to go to the Kahlori tirth which destroys all the sins. The Kahlori tirth is presently known as Gangnath Mahadev Ashram is situated on the Northen bank of the Holy river Narmada 2 Km from Chandod in district of Baroda state of Gujarat.

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Upcoming Projects

Upcoming Project

To completely rennovate Shree Gangnath Mahadev temple and Saraswati Gufa and construct  the temple of  Shree MATA BALA TRIPURA SUNDARI DEVI.

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