Gang Nath Trust


Shree Brahmanandji Maharaj after getting spiritual enlightenment settled at Shree Gangnath Mahadev Ashram and made this place prettiest by constructing Gangnath Temple, Saraswati-gufa ,Goushala,Dharmashalas for sadhus and pilgrims, AyurvedicAushadhalaya and other projects. He used to offer meals, cloths, medical treatment and other services to sadhus , parikramavasi and pilgrims throughout the year .Whenever there would be famine his generous treasures would be opened for all. He used to arrange many yagna and bhandaras in a year.

Since his times this great tradition of social service and service to the humanity has been strictly followed by the successors .

  • Presently an Allopathic charitable dispensary is running in the Ashram premises serving the people of the nearby villages .
  • Some financial help is also provided to the poor and needy people of the surrounding villages
  • Some educational scholarships are provided to the poor students. Sometimes trust provide them uniforms ,books ,notebooks, pencils etc .
  • Annashetra is being run throughout the year for Narmada-parikramavasis, Sadhus and pilgrims.

Nitya Pooja-Abhishek Arrangements

  • Nitya Shorshopachar-Pooja Rs. 251
  • Nitya Shorshopachar-Pooja with Rudrabhishek Rs. 501
  • Laghu-Rudra ( Pathatmak) with Shorshopachar-Pooja Rs. 2501
  • Laghu-Rudra ( Homatmak) Rs. 15001
  • Mangalarati with Akhand-Dweep (one day) Rs. 151
  • Mangalarati with Akhand-Dweep (one month) Rs. 3501
  • Saptashati-Path with Shorshopachar-Pooja Rs 501
  • Nav-Chandi ( Homatmak) Rs. 15001

Devotees interested in the above arrangements may go to the contact us option and mail the Required Dakshina ( DD or Cheque) in favour of SHREE GANGNATH SANSTHAN ASHRAM TRUST Mentioning the Pooja you want to get performed.

Future programmes

  • To completely rennovate Shree Gangnath Mahadev temple and Saraswati Gufa and construct the temple of Shree MATA BALA TRIPURA SUNDARI DEVI .
  • To construct Shree Brahmanand Ayurved and Yoga Centre.
  • To setup Brahmanand Indological and Educational Centre.
  • To construct Goushala.
  • To construct Sabhagruha (Lecture Hall) for Pravachan, Bhagvat Katha and Yoga camp.
  • To construct Vedic Yagyashala.
  • To construct Vriddhashram (Old age home).
  • To setup Brahmanand Ayurved and Medicinal plant garden.
  • To construct new Guest House (24 Modern rooms – Please contact for booking).
  • To construct Narmada Darshan Cottages.
  • To construct Protection wall along Narmada River.
  • To start mobile Medical Ambulance to treat the people of the nearby villages.
  • To publish one quaterly magazine of the institution.
  • The SRIVIDYA RELIGIOUS AND CHARITABLE FOUNDATION TRUST, KOLKATA founded by Shri Pavitrananda Brahmachari is engaged in various social and charitable activities. Its unit Shree Mohanananda Brahmachari Sevashram (opposite North Bengal University) Siliguri, Dist. Darjeeling, West Bengal is running one Homeopathic and Ayurvedic Charitable Dispensary in its premises.